Registered Charity 251549

    Welcome to Westcliff Elim Christian Centre. 

    Our church is a member of the Elim Pentecostal Movement, and we have a desire to see God meeting the needs of our local community.  

    If you would like us to pray for you, then please click on the Prayer Requests link.  You can provide as much or as little personal information as you wish.  Please be assurred that no one will contact you unless you request further contact, but we will pray for your needs.

    If we can be of any help to you then please contact pastor Mike, whose contact details may be found using this link:

    /Contact Us/Pastor



  • Meetings:

    • Sunday:

    We meet at 10:30 am every Sunday morning.  

    • Thursday

    7:45 pm Prayer and Bible Study on Zoom Code 365 175 6273 password rmh148

    All other meetings and events will be advertised on our calandar.


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  • COVID 19 - Corona Virus

    At present all our regular meetings are being streamed live using Zoom.  In order to access this from home you will need to either:

    • Click on the following link or paste it into your browser:   https://us04web.zoom.us/j/3651756273; or
    • Download the Zoom app onto your phone or tablet and connect using the meeting code 3651756273.

    If you are unable to acces directly the Sunday services are recorded and uploaded onto the church Facebook page, usually by the Monday after the service.

    With the relaxation of the restrictions around Covid 19, which include the reopening of churches for public worship, you may be wondering when we will be reopening our church.

    Whilst, under the current lockdown rule, we are allowed to meet in the church for corporate worship, we have chosen not to do so for a number of reasons;

    • Because of the size of our buildings we can only allow in a very small number of people.
    • The latest mutation of the virus is much more virulent, spreading far more quicly and easily, and we don't want to put anyone in a position where they catch the virus whilst at church.
    • Because we run a nursery during the week, and this has remained open, there is a lot of cleaning work needed at the end of the meeting to make things safe for our staff and the children they look after.

    So, we will not consider reopening the  church on Sundays until the current lockdown is over.

    We trust that you understand the reasons for our decision.  If you have any questions or comments please do contact Mike who is happy to discuss any aspect of this with you.